Thursday, 9 February 2017

Day 9: pet peeves

30-Day Blogging Challenge

Day 9: Pet peeves

I have so many >.< In this sense I am definitely a difficult person to be honest.
I don't think I can think of them all but I will try as many as I can:

  • chewing sounds
  • ticks. not the animal, but like if someone is doing repetitive (small) actions
  • hesitation (especially when answering a question)
  • being touched multiple times during a conversation
  • being asked again after I already said no twice
  • staring
  • when people stop walking randomly in the middle of the street
  • when I'm trying to get somewhere and someone blocks my path
  • not getting service quickly 
  • when you ask something to a group but people just stare at you
  • sneezing, coughing
  • "You need to"
  • "People need to stop (doing x)"
  • unsolicited advice
  • morning people. (sorry, i know it's not your fault. but hyper people in the morning just...)
  • diet and fitness enthusiasts.
  • when you're the only one who knows how to do something, so everyone expects you to just do it all the time without them having to learn it
  • favors that take a long time
  • when you go to a job interview and then they never call or email to let you know you didnt get the job
  • when there were other available seats, but the person sits next to you
  • girls who think you want their man
  • men who think you want them
  • when someone brings someone unexpected to hang out
  • abrupt change of plans
  • people who make excuses a lot
  • cold salsa
  • lukewarm food
  • passive-aggressive
  • cars with loud music
  • cars who slow down when they pass you as you walk
  • when you meet with someone but they don't talk to you
  • people who eat too fast
  • when you did something, and someone says "if you were going to do that, you should've"
  • people who don't silence their phones when they're having a chat (ping! ping!)
  • when celebrities I follow retweet their fans
  • people who make you ask a lot of questions to get to the point instead of just saying it/ when they try to bait you to ask a question
  • couples who go out with a group but then ignore the group
Bonus: when meat eaters in a group order the meat option, but then proceed to eat the vegetarian option first

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