Saturday, 4 February 2017

Day 4: tumblr

30-Day Blogging Challenge

Day 4: The meaning behind your tumblr name

As I mentioned in Day 1, I have three tumblr accounts. One is pilarintechnicolor, which is a handle I use for most of my social media. Technicolor is considered a color revolution in movies, celebrated high saturation colors. I like it because it brings back a sense of retro, nostalgic bright saturated colors which match my colorful, retro personality quite well. I have been using the technicolor handle on social media since my first myspace over a decade ago.

My other tumblr is technicolorgrapefruit. This is a fan blog for my favorite idol. It's based on an inside joke with my idol, a play of words his group members coined which basically means he is short and stubby. Grapefruit is a cute nickname for my bias.

And my last tumblr is fuckyeahasianguyswithlonghair, which honestly, has the most obvious meaning XD

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