Thursday, 7 June 2012

Idea vs. Truth

Here's an idea. Imagine an island in the Caribbean. It's small, has nice weather 300 days a year, white sandy beaches and crystalline waters. Do you want to live there? I don't know your answer but I'm willing to bet that whatever you were going to say was not going to answer my question. Because what you're thinking about is not living on the island, but the idea of living on the island. The idea is like a pretty picture, probably a stencil where you just inject yourself into. It presents blue skies and lots of sunshine, fresh ocean water and white sandy beaches, everyone smiling in the warm sun and the gentle, refreshing breeze.

Unfortunately, I lived in the Caribbean for almost a decade, and the reality of it is quite different.The reality is that you have to go to school and sit in a classroom for many hours and some of the classrooms don't have air conditioning, so you're just sitting there sweating in 36°C weather, wearing a lot more than just a bikini. It's a "tourist paradise", which means that the only industry there is catered for the tourists.If you wan't to be, say, an anthropologist, there probably won't be a job there. And if you're willing to work a lame job for the payoff of living on paradise island, I have bad news again. I worked as a waitress and earned about $2.50 an hour and didn't get to keep the tips. Also, we had to wear trousers at work. In 36°C weather.

However, despite what I just told you, a lot of people I know who moved away still think about moving back. And when they do, they can't wait to move out again. Why? Because no one likes living on an island in the Caribbean. (Okay, people do, but follow me here because this is just an example and I'm trying to make a point.)

So why do people do it? Because we've been sold by society and advertising that succeeding in the physical representation of an idea means we're having fun, means we're happy. Even when we really aren't.
I think a lot of people would actually enjoy more staying at home scrolling through tumblr than going to parties, but they like the idea of going to parties better than the idea of sitting at home. This is why people only post pictures of parties on facebook and such, even though that's not what most people really like.

But I wonder, is it really that satisfying to achieve the idea? I'm asking you, because I gave up on ideas a long time ago and now live my life as a weirdo but I really don't care, I'm happy doing what I really want to do. Don't worry about me, then.

So, people of the world, I ask you: Are picnics with the bugs and the itchy grass really that fun? Is waking up with a hangover actually a source of joy and contentment? Are harem pants really a good look?
And as such, my dare to you is this: for 24 hours, choose only the truth. Don't give in to ideas, think each action through and choose the truth. Believe me, it's fun.

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