Sunday, 6 May 2012

Hello? Testing, one, two...

Is anyone reading?

I know there's so much going wrong but it seems like no one is looking, and no one cares. There's so many "causes" going around and see people getting together and trying to make a change, but it all seems like Zizek's fake passion for the real.

When I meet new people, usually they ask where I'm from. I'll usually say "I was born in Guatemala", which is almost always met with a questioning expression, so I quickly add "that's right under Mexico". And that's the problem. Does anyone know where it is? Does anyone know what's going on every day there? Is anyone listening?

I really seems like no one cares because we have pictures showing Guatemalans pulling guns on their fellow Guatemalans in broad daylight, and no one even cares.
Photos like ^ that one.
Everyone else in those cars is scared, but also secretly thankful it's not them in the silver car. And that's why they can't do anything, because if they call the police, the police doesn't show up. And if they do show up, well, then things are going to get really bad for you. What are they supposed to do? Get out of their car and simply trade places with a stranger? There's nothing they can do and there is no one to help them.
"There is no police. There is no authority. It's literally chaos."

It's literally chaos. It's literally hell.
And it's on the news, it's on the internet, it's on fucking youtube. Why doesn't anyone care about this injustice? Are we all also secretly glad it's them and not us?

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