Friday, 25 September 2015


Humans, funny creatures we are. We create all these memories like we build houses, to seek shelter, warmth; to store our valuables, to reside in during a rainy day. To pretend we can control our environment and our experiences.
We hold on to single moments, letting our feelings decide which ones to stretch and which ones to ignore.
The world is ours but we choose to live in our heads.
We cling to moments, to memories. So we think of some time as preparing for the experience, forgetting that the preparation itself is also an experience. So, for one moment we will go through great lengths and pretend that the moments before and after that one moment are unimportant and inconsequential. Like a wedding, or setting off fireworks.
And we continue living inside our heads with our memories as if there wasn't an entire universe out there for us to explore. Trying to command the universe to fit our thoughts instead of fitting our thoughts to the universe where we live, the universe which created us. We would change the entire world for one fleeting moment, because the memory of that moment becomes a mansion in which to hide for the rest of our lives.

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