Friday, 21 June 2013


I was reading this lovely post about how gentlemen are to handle affairs of the sexual kind with ladies who do not put much resistance to those affairs.
I don't think I need to say anything about it, really, the piece speaks for itself but it did bring up some recurring thoughts about the way men see themselves.

I find the author's views puzzling, although not uncommon. The way he speaks of the slut, it would seem he is disgusted by her. Yet, he shares  saliva, sweat and other bodily fluids with her. This man does not seem to value his own body very much as he doesn't mind sharing it with the slut.
What, in his mind, makes the slut such a disgrace? The slut doesn't respect her body because she shares it easily with various men. Furthermore, she is adventurous and knowledgeable in bed. The fact that the slut enjoys sexual relations also makes her disgusting.Of course, really, what makes her disgusting in his view is simply the fact that she is a woman. The author himself is guilty of every single thing he seems to despise the slut for.Perhaps the author is projecting a suppressed self-loathing, or perhaps he lacks any self-reflection.As much as I believe the author has plenty of reasons for self-loathing, the fact that he thinks he deserves a person who is better than himself in his own views points to the latter as the likeliest reason.
Men, I say to you, stop pointing your fingers at women. It's time for some male self-reflection.After all, no self-respecting woman wants to be with a man who doesn't respect himself, nor have her children born from his"polluted" semen. For every slut that is a female there is a slut that is a male, and it's time the slutty males of the world wake up.You are what you despise.

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